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The project began in 1995, when after a long search, Debe and I purchased the property from a local logger. To date we have built a cabin, a bridge, out house, two sheds in addition to expansive gardens and stone work. We have a generator, propane lights, refrigerator and grill, a wood stove and modest solar system. A dug well and small stream suitable for watering gardens and other needs and a nearby spring for drinking water.

The Dragonwood Chronicles will serve to document the project with photographs and notes. Future projects will include additions to the cabin, a root cellar and a studio building.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Act Now - Call Your Senator - Stop S510

Senate Bill 510, The Food Safety and Modernization Act is scheduled to go to vote this evening. Like many bills it is well intended, but like most bills there are unintended consequences and this is no exception. Do your own research. This bill sounds good to most, after all who doesn't want food safety?

"Agri biz" giants like Monsanto and others have been behind this bill for the last couple of years and it is now finally up for a vote. The bill is expected to pass. We must act now before it is too late. Do your own research.

This bill could harm if not bring about the end of small farms, especially small organic farms and farmers markets. Seed saving will no longer be legal. The Government wants to control food production and marketing at every level, but it's all in the name of safety.

I first blogged about this in May of 2009 when the bill was in committee in the House. It was known then as HR 875. I can't believe it has actually gotten this far. Then again most of Congress (both parties) receive huge contributions from the "Agri Biz" giants.

The scariest thing about this, is once open pollination seeds become illegal and are eliminated there is no turning back. We as a human race will be owned by Multi-National Corporations.

I for one will be hoarding my seeds no matter what. I guess I will be an outlaw, but I'll be damned if the government is going to tell me I can't grow food on my own property from my own seeds!





Sarah said...

To stop things from cross pollinating we would have to prevent bees and even birds from going between our plants and their plants right? So what if someone has a greenhouse that is well sealed does that not prevent cross pollination from happening?

I think that no matter what people do, short of rioting and taking back the government, that these ridiculous bills will continue to be passed. Although Monsanto is facing bigger issues with the fact their crops are not doing as well as they should against pests... which means bigger trouble for everyone who relies on them as a food source. I think if anything people who grow their own food should invest in nice big electric fences to keep unwanted people out.

KV Abbott said...


Great comment! What a lot of people do not understand is that Monsanto wants to force us all to buy their hybrid, genetically modified seeds. The seeds from these plants are most often sterile and cannot reproduce. They are also "high yield" or "high response" seeds which require chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides not to mention a lot more water than heirloom varieties for example. But of course that is exactly what Monsanto wants.

KV Abbott said...

Ok, so this thing passed. I don't like it but we'll have to see what happens now. I just hope we haven't planted the seeds of destruction.

Sterile, genetically modified crops that cross pollinate with heirloom varieties over time can render even heirloom varieties sterile. Let's hope this does not happen.

KV Abbott said...

I have just added a hyper link to a site where you can view the documentary "The World According To Monsanto". Everyone regardless of your political point of view should see this. The Bush admistration was toatally in bed with Monsanto and so is the Obama adminstration. So much for "Hope and Change". The Democrapublicans are owned lock stock and barrel by companies like Monsanto.

Monsanto just might be the most dangerous company in the world>


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