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Tucked away deep in the woods at the southern edge of the Tug Hill region of New York. Dragonwood is our off-grid sanctuary. Six acres of pond and gardens bordered by forest on three sides.

The project began in 1995, when after a long search, Debe and I purchased the property from a local logger. To date we have built a cabin, a bridge, out house, two sheds in addition to expansive gardens and stone work. We have a generator, propane lights, refrigerator and grill, a wood stove and modest solar system. A dug well and small stream suitable for watering gardens and other needs and a nearby spring for drinking water.

The Dragonwood Chronicles will serve to document the project with photographs and notes. Future projects will include additions to the cabin, a root cellar and a studio building.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Dragonwood, The Name?

People are always curious why we call our place in the woods Dragonwood. No we are not big into the mythical fantasy realm of Dragons and the dark side.

The simple fact is, during the summer months we have an abundance of dragonflies around the pond. Dragonflies, in the woods, just seemed to work and it appealed to our sense of poetic humor.

Early on, we began to collect dragonfly nic nacs and such. Soon it seemed that the whole dragonfly motif thing had become very trendy. Too trendy for our taste. Always wanting to buck trends and walk our own path, we shifted over more to the actual dragon motif. So now we have a Renaissance Festival, meets Adirondack thing going on.

Kids love it! We do to!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Dragonwood is completely off the electrical grid and I expect to keep it that way. We enjoy Dragonwood as an escape from the rat race, so why run up more electric bills and higher taxes for an improved lot, not to mention further contributing to the degradation of our planets resources.

We do have a gasoline generator, although it is seldom used. When it is, we usually use it to run power tools. This is a fairly recent addition and in fact most everything at Dragonwood was built with a chain saw and hand tools. My friend J can attest to that. Debe and I, along with our son Kevin II and our friends Dick and J built everything. Our pal Jeremy is helping wire the cabin so that we can tie into the generator, a bank of batteries, an inverter and the solar panels we hope to add this summer. Most that have helped have done so out of friendship a few cold beers and some burgers on the grill.

Dragonwood does have a decent propane grill that serves as our kitchen, along with a couple of five day coolers and a large table made from recycled materials. We have propane lanterns and a rechargeable electric lantern. Additionally we have several old fashioned oil lamps and numerous Tiki torches. The Tiki torches not only provide light but make for a festive atmosphere and the citronella oil helps battle the mosquitos.

Dragonwood has a dug well, however we bring our drinking water with us or visit a nearby public spring with our one and five gallon containers.

A pit privy also known as an out house behind the shed serves us well for our requirements in the sanitation department. The out house is always stocked with lime, TP and baby wipes. The lime helps compost the waste while virtually eliminating any odor issues.

We have a shower stall built for outside use during the summer. We heat water on the grill and you'd think you were staying at the Ritz.

Life is Good at Dragonwood!


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Off The Grid
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